Monday, July 21, 2008

Data Research Subcommittee Update

Hi, as Chairman of the Data Research Sub-Committee I’d like to give everyone an update on our activities to date.

The research team has two broad goals. First to identify the total value of the PC Gaming software business. This is quite a task, retail boxed sales numbers can be found from major research firms like NPD and Chart Track but other revenue streams are harder to ascertain. However by examining data from different research firms with partial data and collating them we are starting to identify a whole.

This research is unearthing some interesting data already, some of it controversial and we are busy hammering away at the numbers to gain consensus. We are also triangulating this data and will be publicly stating what we believe the sum to be in what we have codenamed the ‘Horizons’ report. This will be late summer at one of the larger events we plan to attend.

Secondly we are looking at establishing the total value and extent of the hardware business, worldwide. This will include everything from complete PC’s to component sales where the hardware is used for PC Gaming. This is obviously also a huge task.

To aid us with these projects the Sub-Committee is currently taking in RFP’s from a number of the worlds leading research firms and the successful bidders will be contracted to establish regular reports, funded and owned by the PCGA that will detail the results from this research.

We are excited about the data we are already unearthing. We realize that some of it will be open to question since the project is so ambitious but we hope to invigorate a debate about the extent and importance of the PC Gaming industry. More soon.

Roy Taylor
CTO, PC Gaming Alliance
Data Research Subcommittee Chair