Friday, December 5, 2008

PCGA Validation Testing Lab Video Tour

See the lab where the PCGA's minimum specifications are tested and validated...

Thursday, December 4, 2008

PCGA in the News - Gamasutra Piracy Special Report

Here is a snippet...

The PC Gaming Alliance is a group of industry leaders including reps from Microsoft, Dell, Activision, Capcom and many others, who meet to work on solutions for challenges facing the space and promote the health of the platform - and piracy is a particular problem for PC in particular. With that in mind, the PCGA has formed a new subcommittee to start examining ways to take the crucial first step of learning to quantify piracy and its material impact. Christian Svensson, senior director of strategic planning and research at Capcom, is a member of the PCGA, and tells Gamasutra that the new impact-oriented subcommittee is just now getting off the ground. There's a complicated road ahead with a good many factors still up in the air, but the subcommittee knows that quantifying that impact is a key first step. "We're just starting to lay out the groundwork," Svensson says,"I would hope within the next three months we have started to make some progress toward that."

If you are interested in anti-piracy, please consider joining the PCGA to help us craft our anti-piracy plans and deliverables. We have recently changed our membership plan to encourage every company in the PC Gaming industry to get involved. See for more information.