Friday, April 11, 2008

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Adam said...

console games are kicking PC gaming in the balls; some body needs to do something about it...and i'm un impressed this has been up for a couple of months and there are no PC gamers lets make our voices herd; lame console ports are not good enough...

Sad Statue said...

Im waiting.
I think in few months, the computer will became stronger game platform(new technologies)... buut your work, "PC Gaming Alliance" is too very important. I love my PC, i dont whant to live it, for PS 3 or Xbox...

Jay said...

Too True.

I love PC gaming. I agree it's been too long since PC gaming got it's fair share of attention. Now we have got some good title's recently, and there are still some that have to come out yet, but I remember when the PC had just as many games (well almost) as the console's and the majority of them were all quality games.

Come on Gaming Alliance and PC gamers alike, let's show them how much we care about what happen's to PC gaming!

Sad Statue said...

True. The first, PC players, my friend :P and the most important. Buy original version of games ;]. If you play the "pirate" version, you truly don't making a reason, for the creators of the game, to make a sequel.... ON PC.

By the way. When we can espect new post? :P

IndianaGeologist said...

I right here with y'all on loving pc gaming, but PC games lack one simple thing, an easy multiplayer that doesnt need to be online! Now that HTPCs are becoming more popular on HDTVs I would like to see games with multiplayer options that allow users to play eachother on the same computer!!! Why cant an HTPC act like a gaming consule with multiplayer??

banish said...

i am with you guys i will never ever give up PC GAMING....PC RULZZZ

Simon said...
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Simon said...

Can I give my 10 cents here? The obvious thing is standardised hardware.

Instead of "system requirements" games should just be able to say "works on PC Mark 4 or better - best on PC Mark 6 or better". A minimum hardware set would be required for each PC Mark which could be checked by the OS. The mark would be on a sticker on new machines. It could also have a funky name and logo if that would help.

This could also be used by the games to simplify configuration. Knowing the basic machine standard they could offer "better looks or better performance" pre-set options, and leave the advanced graphics options to people who can't help but fiddle.

Also, if I plug in a USB controller it should automatically map all the correct button labels used in the game. There should be a standard with an easily identified logo when you buy the controller. I should only have to worry about mapping if I want to change the defaults.

Plugging my laptop into my TV should be as simple and automatic as possible.

Aaron said...

Crytek recently went cross platform only; this is particularly bad news especially for hardware manufacturers, CryEngine 2 was pretty much the only engine that gave an incentive to upgrade past what will run cross platform games.

Cross platform games, since they are based around console specification they are bad for the demand of better hardware. This is a problem even for consoles as eventually they will need Nvidia and ATI to produce GPUs for the next generation consoles, what will they be like without the years of R&D the demand from the PC gaming market provides?

There is literally no reason to buy a Geforce 9 or its ATI counterpart, an 512mb 8800 is more than enough to handle anything consoles share or port over.

Advances like on GPU physics and multicore processors don’t mean a thing if games don’t take advantage of them; we are looking at a significant hardware slump that will impact big names like Nvidia, ATI, AMD and Intel if the situation with PC gaming is not improved.

István said...

Yeah, there are a number of problems to solve, and this organization wasn't too active to do something about it, and to be honest, I doubt that it could do anything.
Let's see:
1, Intel, NV and Amd take home a great sum of money thanks to gpus, and cpus. In the lowest end (office computers) the only thing that matters is cost. Surely they won't put a bigger gpu in them, because they rival will immediately react, and make a smaller, cheaper pc without a gpu that's capable of gaming. In the low end space everything is cost driven, but they out marketing slogens on them which imply, that these are the best computers out there (geforce 7200, intel gpus). So it is impossible to make a minimum spec'd gpu to every pc. Another option would be to brand all gaming pcs so they could recognized. The problem would be the same here, how to decide what a minimum gaming configuration is.
So one problem is on the marketing side. No one will, or can take the flag and show the others the direction to take.
2, Piracy. No one knows exact numbers, but it surely exceeds 50%. That's an insane number. And the sad thing about it is, that this 50%+ can't be converted to retail sales, not even with an unbreakable copy protection. A percentage of them don't has the money to buy the game legally, the rest won't do it, because they buy a console instead.
3, MMO. Namely Wow. About 10 million subscribers. My guess is that that's about 5 million potential buyers who rather play wow all day long instead. Great. Thank you Activision for entering this alliance.

This organization should have a marketing mix, a common will (LOL), and the money. As I see it so far it has nothing. It has 9 promoters, and 6 contributors, that's 600000$ a year. That's not even enough for a banner, not to mention a campaign.

Oh and I think that it will get only worse, as Intel enters the game with Larabbee.

I have ideas how to improve on this situation, I will post them later, but I don't think that the pc market has the potential to match the x360s, or the ps3s market not even individually.

banish said...

i have a question actuali 2

1.when will the forum be ready??

and 2.will there be any more members to the PGA i mean are the 9 members and 6 contribuitors the only ones??

banish said...

mannnn...i hope you will get the forum up and ready as soon as possible...i have a lot of things on my mind...still waiting