Friday, August 1, 2008

PCGA Marketing Subcommittee Update

Hi, as well as being Chairman of the Data Research subcommittee I am also Chair for the Marketing subcommittee which is responsible for communications, member recruiting and events.

To date we have been busy in a number of areas. We are excited that very shortly we will be able to unveil our new logo for the organization. This takes longer than might be supposed, the design has to work across a wide variety of formats and backgrounds, be acceptable to all, be registered, etc. We are pleased with it and look forward to sharing it with everyone soon.

In addition to the logo we have also been working on a schedule of events and the PCGA will be officially attending the Leipzig Games Convention where our President, Randy Stude from Intel will be presenting an update on our activities and we will be holding an industry ‘meet-n-greet’ reception. The PCGA will also be at NVISION, , details for that will follow and we are looking at other events for the fall.

Finally, we are working with TriplePoint PR to help us grow membership and better communicate to the industry, the press and the public about the work of the organization.

If you have ideas about how we can better communicate, or if you know of events you feel we should participate in then please do post below. We read your posts and discuss them so please voice your opinions.

Many thanks,

Roy Taylor
CTO, PC Gaming Alliance
Marketing Subcommittee Chair


Shawn said...

Great to hear about Leipzig, fantastic idea, and I would really like to see the PCGA at E3 next year with a full on press conference like MS/Sony/Ninty. It would be great to see a presentation on the PC as a platform. Media coverage is heightened tremendously at these events, which gives the much needed attention the PCGA needs.

One suggestion, have a Live feed similar to what Blizzard did for their Invitational in Paris France for all to watch. Advertise on gaming sites and whatnot, get the news aggregates talking, etc..

Furthermore, I honestly feel that opening up the PCGA website to the community would be a good step forward. Obviously, moderation is going to be needed, but it would be the best way for industry heads and end users to communicate with each other. The site could also have a secure login and section of the site for the partners only, keeping the organization private, but still transparent for endusers. Essentially, PCGA could act as a central hub not only for Vendors/Contributors, but the community/customers. I see good things coming from this and I'm looking forward to hearing more information as it becomes available.

Lastly, if the PCGA is hiring, I would certainly be interested in working for the organization.

Feran said...

Heres a few idea's that I think would be good..

1) I think you should promote your selves more within the gaming community ie, on Sites like IGN,Gamespot
at least be seen to be active this in the long run will attract PC developers to your cause.. Also make sure you include the smaller Blog sites like,, and Digg, Im sure having a presence on some of these would boost your rep and spread the word.. Also an interesting new site thats gaining steam rapidly is very slick gaming blog/database of user info that would be great if you had some kind of presence on.

2) if you ever get the time to again to do it Forums would help build up a community.

3) Trying to get the big PC hardware companys ie Nvidia ATI ect.. to become more invloved in the gaming side of things than they already are.. IE Nvidia recently sponsered the new ish map pack expansion for Call of Duty 4 PC, so it allowed PC users to have access to it like consoles user have.. I think more things like this should happen.

Hope these ideas are ok :)

Feran said...

forgot to add PAX would be a nice convention for you to attend as well, might be a bit late now but its another one to look into :)