Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Urgent Imperative Of Piracy

PCGA President Randy Stude recently sat down with Gamasutra for a frank discussion regarding the industry, especially piracy.

Here is a snippet:

Meanwhile, the PCGA hopes to attract game companies to its efforts -- and while potential committee members acknowledge the importance of platform stability, says Stude, "there's a far more urgent imperative they want to see discussion and debate going on around, which is piracy."

So the PCGA has formed an anti-piracy and DRM subcommittee which is just kicking off its efforts, starting with an endeavor to try and quantify the size of the piracy issue.

"At some point next year, we expect to be able to quantify the potential impact of piracy on the industry," says Stude.

So, now we turn to you readers. What type of change would be good for you? What are your feelings on DRM and other hot-button piracy issues? And even further, if you are a company in the PC gaming industry and you would like a voice in determining the direction of the industry, we invite you to join us!

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