Thursday, June 25, 2009

PCGA Members at E3 2009: Alien Invasion

By John Blain from Dell/Alienware

Just as E3 began this year, agents dressed in black wearing mirrored sunglasses and earpieces began making appearances in hotel lobbies across downtown Los Angeles, all sporting locked silver briefcases handcuffed to their wrists. “Today at 1pm, at the convention center”, was the only information these mysterious messengers would import to curious bystanders. The display caused a stir on many occasions, and several times these agents were politely asked to leave by members of various hotels’ security.

At the prescribed time these agents filed into black Suburbans and took the act to the entrance of E3, successfully setting the tone for what was to follow. I was able to catch the display on camera with the help of a few friends

With the ceremonies out of the way, E3 attendees were unleashed upon the brand new M17x laptops waiting inside the Alienware booth. The wait was finally over. The ‘World’s Most Powerful 17-inch laptop’ was finally here.

I spent most of the second day at E3 following these agents around as they escorted VIPs to the Alienware booth for press interviews. Their subdued secret-agent style was a stark contrast to the glitter and glam most exhibitors at the event chose to showcase, but was rewarded with the curiosity of the gawking crowd. “I wonder who they’re escorting,” I often heard as our lead agent cleared a safe path through the masses. Thanks to the M17x, I now have had a taste of what it might be like to be an important dignitary being escorted through public places by the secret service. It’s surely an experience I’ll never forget.

On the third day I finally got a chance to check out all the great games being previewed at the event. After the excitement from the previous days, I was almost too tired to enjoy them. ALMOST. You can read the rundown of the games that impressed me most here.

With over 41,000 attendees, this year’s E3 was bigger than ever, and was an experience I wouldn’t have missed for the world.

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